I'm an intern at CoPassion looking to grow spiritually and make disciples.
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    Charles Nichols

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    Frank Allcorn

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    Glad to help. Thanks for your faith and it’s importance in your purpose.

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    Christopher Randazzo

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    Smart of you to hook up with Ray and Melissa! Stay close to God, and close to those who follow Jesus ... like Ray and Melissa! And where ever you go, be the one to influence others thru the overflow of Christ in you, rather than to let others influence you. Unless, of course, it's Ray and Melissa! :-)

About James Marshall

Over the two years I have participated in CoPassion a campus ministry at UNF, which helps college students fulfill their calling in Jesus Christ. I have learned so much about the gosepel and what it means follow Jesus Christ. I have grown in applying God’s word, evangelism, work as worship and walking in step with the Spirit. 

Last semester I was granted an internship from CoPassion. As an intern I work 10 hours a week and meet with staff for an in depth 1 on 1 every week. There are four parts to the internship; spiritual growth, professional development, outreach and evangelism.  At CoPassion my main duties will involve helping CoPassion get the necessary resources so that the Gospel may be shared in the best way possible to as many people as possible. I will also spend time ministering to those on the UNF campus through tabling.  And of course because CoPassion is a great Christian Networking Organization, I also will be working on growing professionally to be able to live out Colossians 3:23 in my future work in Physical Therapy. 

Learn more about the student internship. https://www.copassion.org/student-internship-overview/